These are a list of papers required. These will help you understand the basics behind the technology you will be learning… also give you some insight into the design work, self promotion/marketing, and other handy stuff…


Website Critique 

This is begins your experiments with WordPress. It asks you to examine and review a series of award winning websites discuss the navigation, ease of use, and visual interest.

Choose 4 websites from the link: 3 you like, 1 you don’t and discuss. Use about 2-3 paragraphs on each website.


Personal Brand 

If you were to brand yourself for your career or as a person, how would you approach it? What are your talents, attributes, and goals? What makes you the incredible person you are?

  1. Read the Forbes Article Attached before you embark on this project.
  2. Write a 1-2 page paper on your personal brand.
  3. Write a 2-4 paragraph “About” story for your WordPress website. Post it on the About Page. (Make sure you are posting it on the About page and not on the blog itself… a common mistake for those getting used to the website.)

Personal Logos: How to brand yourself as a designer


Logo Review

Logos are symbols that represent a brand for a product, service, corporation… entity. Some have hidden meanings, others are more straightforward. The purpose is to give a memorable image help people recall the company.

This review will get you thinking about your own personal logo. Consider the components…

Use the link below and review the logos shown in the article.

  1. Pick THREE you like the most and explain why in 2-3 paragraphs each
  2. Pick ONE you don’t like and explain why in 2-3 paragraphs


Demise of Atari

Read the Article:

Write a 1 page (4 paragraphs or more) on why the ET game and Atari failed.

Game Over Movie (these links keep being taken down, so this may not work, it’s not necessary to watch to get the gist of what you need to understand. It’s an interesting flick that shows up on Netflix occasionally).