Posts for you entertainment

We use WordPress for it’s blogging capabilities. 

This allows you to write your thoughts, or share ideas with the world. A good blog provides interesting information centered on the topic of the website. This could be about the industry, informative information, personal travel, etc.

Posts will continually feed one over the other, the newest will appear first, the oldest will need to be scrolled down to, or viewed in the archives.

It’s like an ongoing conversation. Blogging regularly keeps your audience interested and attracts Google crawls which will improve your search engine ratings.

The format works like Microsoft Word or similar programs.

You have the option to change type styles, making it larger or smaller, bold or italic, centered or flush left/right.

It has a spellcheck – which is useful for random typers like me.

You can drop to toggle down to reveal more options like underline, text color, and other formating.

Adding links to other sites is easy using the insert/edit link.

Adding photos or media is easy.

Embedding a video from YouTube can be done by pasting the embed code into the HTML area, where you can fool with the code if you are so inclined… I advise against messing around too much if you are not experienced. However, it’s also a great place to learn, because the only thing you can mess up is this post.


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